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Do you wish to be pampered by a rich fellow? Do you want to indulge yourself in luxurious lifestyle and exotic trips? Is the education expense a burden? If yes, then you are a sugar baby in the sugar daddy dating sites. will help you mend these situations permanently. Looking for a companion is a relentless process. But with this technology, mutually beneficial relationships can be built without any expectations or traditional drama.

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Are you one of those wealthy people looking for a casual relationship? Are you willing to provide for a sugar baby without the hassle of a relationship? Well, then you are a sugar daddy or mommy who is perfect for The conventional ways of dating are time consuming. Each individual has a mask on as they introduce themselves during the process. But as one makes progress, the mask wears off and the true motives are unleashed. This can be hurtful and traumatic. Therefore, is the forum where the members can stop beating around the bush. The sugar daddy or mommy and sugar baby can openly discuss their terms to avoid later misunderstandings. Hence, one can make a functional relationship on their terms.


The Overview is one of the leading online dating websites where one can find a sugar daddy or sugar baby easily. There are about 4.5 million members present on this website. The most attractive feature of this website is the “arrangement”. An arrangement is one where people are blunt about their needs out of a relationship. It is a deal where people cut to the chase and respect each other’s desires. So, there is no point in being considerate or fearing the possibility of hurting the other person. Who would want to waste time on a dead-end relationship? No one! Therefore, suits this generation. Time is money, as the cliché goes. Moreover, nobody wants to make compromises without getting their needs heard. Certainly, you must have heard similar lines from your ex. Hence, this website moulds the orthodox relationship into one where honesty is the best policy!


A Hassle-free Joining Procedure is user-friendly. An easily comprehendable logging procedure is used to add members. The sugar babies enjoy free membership. While the sugar daddy or mommy can begin with a Standard package which is free. So, this website offers you an opportunity to try the website to remove any anxieties. If the website seems feasible to you, then you climb your way to Premium membeships at any time. These Presmium Memberships are paid and they offer various features which will bring you closer to the “arrangement”. Its costs are:

  • $30-1 Month
  • $60-3 Months
  • $90-6 Months

Stir Up The Action has come up with new features which aids to the process of finding a companion. Ten photos can now be uploaded. One can also crop or rotate photos directly on the website. So, choose the photos you look best in. Many dating sites impose a limit on the photo count. Imgaes are the sole way to look at the fellow members. Therefore, this feature acts as a plus to this site.

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Make yourself Visible

Yes, this website gives you ways to widen your favorites. It has a feature called “Wink”. It works just like poke on Facebook. By sending a “wink”, the recipients learns about your interest and further actions can be taken. Thus, use this element to your full advantage.

Looking for Someone? provides extensive search options. One can look for members on various grounds. Some of them are:

  • Proximity Search helps you find sugar daddies or babies within 50, 100, or 250 mile radius from you.
  • Zip Code Search will help you find sugars who like travel dating.
  • Saved Search, so that you dont lose the favorite searches.
  • Online New Search will help you find sugars who are online.
  • Nickname Search, to find the sugar via their profile nickname.
  • Profile Number Search, searching via their phone number.


Paying Heed To Privacy

This website pays immense heed to privacy. Individuals do not like to display all the information to everyone out there. Hence, it is necessary to provide security options to strengthen the user profile. A member can select the audience that can view a photo or any information. Thus, members can be make any updates without any difficulty.

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You Are the Boss!

Are you fed up of being a regular couple who boss around each other? Well now you are your own boss. Here, relationships are made on your terms.

Various Options is one of the leading online dating sites. It harbours 3.3 million sugar babies, 1.2 million sugar daddies and mommies and 139 countries where this site is avaiable. Therefore, find someone who shares common interests with you. With such a variety of choices, one is sure to find a match, be it a sugar daddy Canada or sugar daddy Australia.

No Drama!

The fundamental reason to use would be this one. The drama quotient is zero here. At the first conversation itself, the seekers speak of their needs. This makes the process very quick and to the point. If one is uncomfortable, then they can back out at that instant. Thus, time and emotions both are respected immensely.

Contact Us

It is quite natural if you have questions regarding this website. Making an “arrangement” might seem blur to you. Therefore, you can contact the customer support via an e-mail. Your questions are valuable to us and we look forward to clear them up as soon as possible.

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SUCCESS STORIES has 4.5 million active members. The trust and faith of members keeps them going to find the companion. Numerous relationships on this website have been more successful than the conventional relationships. This is because both the sides are made to speak their heart out. No hidden wishes are left. Therefore, create your success story as well, by expressing your desires and listening to your partner’s as well.

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Having trouble finding a rich and successful partner? Do you want to live an extravagant life? If yes, then you are a sugar baby in the world of online dating. If you are capable of providing for a concrete relationship without any scams, this is the place to be. is the first website to introduce the idea of sugar daddy dating. But there are many sugar daddy dating sites working in the market. They promise to provide a compassionate and classy relationship. They harbour all kinds of people. When looking for a sugar daddy or baby, standards are present. Besides money, there are factors like looks and personal information which defines a person. Hence, these websites do not possess a minimum standard of members. But does not allow it. So, now you will not have to worry about the quality of fellow members. Each is one of a kind.

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You must have heard of scams or treacherous behaviour on various dating websites. Sugar babies getting exploited or abandoned. While sugar daddies or mommies betrayed and cheated. If you want a secure future, then look no further. will provide you with a healthy and beneficial relationship with an honest person.


The Overview is a forum for elite people. It began in 2002. This website has been featured twice on The Dr. Phil Show, The Richard & Judy Show in the UK and the WB 11 WPIX news. This publicity has proved fruitful to the website. The sole reason for this is that it offers quality dating. Hence, no member has to settle for less. It does not allow any mediocre individual to become a member. It possesses a unique filter system in which every new profile added is screened by an employee. People can be fake and flaunty on a profile. So, these employees ensure that the details are factual. Hence, you will not have to nurse the anxiety of betrayal and regret during the process. “Where the classy, attractive and affluent meet” is certainly an apt caption to this website. So, meet a sugar daddy or mommy who will fulfil your dreams and aspirations. It is time you enjoyed the luxurious lifestyle. For you sugar daddies or mommies get enthralled by the excellent sugar babies we have in store. Get ready to give and receive love at this land.

Pre-Requisites for Joining

Yes, will choose you too. Individuals joining must be of 18 years or more. So, no one with immature behaviour is allowed to find a sugar daddy here. This cleans the herd a lot. Moreover, each profile is put to test by the staff. If the content is proper, then they are allowed to become members of this elite group. Both the sugar daddies and babies can make a profile free of charge. They can avail to the special services by upgrading their membership. The membership costs are:

  • $21.99 for 1 month
  • $32.99 for 2 months or $19 per month
  • $43.99 for 3 months or $17 per month
  • $76.99 for 6 months or $15 per month
  • $109.99 for 12 months or $11 per month

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Make an Impressive Profile

Your profile should grab attention. You can make your profile attractive by adding three photos. does not allow more than three because some people might not be so photogenic. Moreover, people edit the photos to a large extent. So, to avoid the nurturing of false notions, this is done.

“No” to Auto-Renewal!

Yes, screams “No!” to auto-renewal. Any package that you subscribe will run for the duration paid. The system will not auto-renew the package without your knowledge. We want to help in the process of finding a companion, not steal from the members. This is an added advantage.

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Chat Non-stop!

On this website, you can connect with fellow members quite easily. There is no complicated way of approaching people. You can hotlist a favourable member. Basic e-mail, hot listing works fine. Therefore, no special jargon will have to be dealt with.

No Offensive Content is very particular about its members. They do want any emotion of hostility instead of affection. Hence, has an elaborate list regarding the don’ts. In the “Terms of Service”, scroll down to point 7-Prohibited Activities and Content. Better watch out for these, otherwise your profile will be eliminated.

Not a Bleak Future! does not make false promises. Do you think your expectations are too high? Well, everyone deserves a perfect partner. This website possesses members of superior quality. They have a high standard of living. You will meet someone who shares common interests with you. will make it its mission to meet your expectations, no matter how high it is.

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Want Exotic Beauty?

Looking for someone exotic? has tons of choices from all around the world. Find a sugar daddy Canada or sugar daddy Australia. Share your viewpoints with someone of a different continent. Experience the best that has to offer and you might get lucky.

Privacy Guaranteed understands your need for a secure profile. Nobody likes to display all their information to everybody. Therefore, you can easily make use of the “privacy and security” option available in your profile. Protect your content from any harmful activity.

May We Help You?

At this website, we perceive your inactivity in the dating world. So if you require any advice you can easily contact us via e-mail. You can leave a note at the feedback section as well. Clear out your questions to begin a doubt-free adventure.


Success Stories

With such popularity, has a lot of pressure to deliver. It does so by its unique features. Yes, will find you a companion. With a multitude of choices and the best filtering system, you have tons of choices. A lot of souls have benefitted from this website and so will you. Enter this world of compassion and become one of the tales. Find what you are looking for!


Whats Your Price



Sugar daddy dating sites furnish the ease of finding a sugar daddy or mommy and a sugar baby. But the process can become prolonged and tiring. So, real or virtual, the wait always steps in. One has to find a favourable sugar, begin conversations and then decide if things will pan out or not. So, the procedure is quite extensive. Do you want instant responses? Wish to meet a member you have been eying on? Well, bid farewell to the on-going process, and get a date immediately!

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Yes, if you are one of those beautiful and handsome sugar babies who wish to be pampered and taken care of, enter this portal. Here, you just need to tell the price for dating a sugar daddy and no formal conversations to deal with. Be direct and demand for it! As for the sugar daddies or mommies who are capable of delivering a luxurious life, accept the price which suits you best. Then, unlock the conversation and get ready for the first date. Thus, this website does not entertain the awkward chat online, but gets you to meet after the offer is sealed. Hence, the process becomes quite fast and real too!


The Overview began in 2010. This website is a revolutionary idea in the online dating world. According to a survey made in U.S., women like to date men who earn $200,000 to $300,000 annually. abides by this survey, making the dating process purely economical. Ultimately, people want a secure future. They want to live a luxurious life. Dating, in reality or on sites, becomes quite tiresome. Are you fed up of going on dates that turn out disastrous? Well, on this website you get “paid to date”. So, even if the date is disastrous, you are making something out of it, which is the silver lining. If you are one of those wealthy souls, looking for fun and can provide for a sugar baby, get here! This is your playground, where numerous choices are available. The site says, “Start Dating with your wallet”. A couple of bucks aren’t going to harm you. Moreover, a first date is guaranteed. So, you can meet the person and then decide if things should continue. Hence, try out this excellent way of dating. Both the sides win which is what aims at.

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Taking the First Step!

The first step to online dating is signing up. offers free membership to make offers below $200. But each applicant should be at least eighteen years of age. You can add a photo as well. Each profile is screened before making it public. This ensures a minimum standard and also preserves the integrity of the users. This, website does not mess with quality. Hence, chooses you as well. The credit packages that can be availed are:

  • 100 Credit Packages for $50
  • 450 Credit Packages for $150(saving 33.3% off the regular price)
  • 1000 Credit Packages for $250(saving 50% off the regular price)

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Make or Accept the Bid

Once you make your profile, you get to make or accept bid. The sugar babies can make bids at the expense of the credits. The minimum price for a date is $5. Offers below $50 will cost 10 credits to unlock. Offers above $200 will require you to have ample amount of credits. So, lose the strings of your wallet and accept the offer made by a charming sugar baby.

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We Guarantee a Date! guarantees a first date. It gives you an opportunity to date gorgeous people. But, in case you don’t get to go on at least 5 dates, this website will fail to deliver. To mend this situation, it will give you 1000 credits free of cost to continue your stay in this magical land. This is called the “Guarantee Package”. Ultimately you are going to get a first date as promised!

The Qualifying Offer!

The Qualifying Offer on this website is a deal irresistible. The offer price lies between $50 and $200. It is made after receiving a Guarantee Program so you can spend the credits received. Within 48 hours of acceptance of the offer, you must send a ‘Qualifying Message” asking to schedule the time and place for the date. Thus, the process is quick and easy.

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Send Winks, Get Visible!

This website offers the features of sending free winks. You can also send unlimited messages to the unlocked members. Get in the game and find an amazing offer.

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Numerous Search Filters possesses unique search filters which help you find people from all over the world, whether a sugar daddy Canada or sugar daddy Australia. Search on the basis of education, height, location, photos, online and many more. Find someone who shares common interests with you.

Be Informed About “Them”

Yes, if you want to learn the last login date and time about your favourable candidates then this website provides it. You can hide yours to stop someone from stalking yours.

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Make It Count!

Yes, this website guarantees a date. After the date, it depends on how you want the relationship to go.

Sound Privacy & Security Policy offers a concrete privacy policy. It does not use your information anywhere without your consent. There are profile security options as well to help you protect your profile from any undesirable activity. Therefore, check them out without fail.

Contact Us

We understand your apprehensions regarding this process. It is a new notion of dating which might be difficult for you to understand. Your questions are valuable to us. Therefore, contact us via e-mail. We have customer services running all the time. We will be glad to remove a hint of doubt.


Success Stories

Been featured on Forbes, Time, Daily Mail and Today, has proved gratifying for this website. This proves that delivers excellently. Many souls have found their companion by this economical date. Hence, you can find a sugar daddy too. A date can turn into a dinner and henceforth.


Why So Many New York Girls Are Trying To Find A Sugar Daddy?

Finding a sugar daddy has been the goal of many woman in the world throughout history.  Girls in New York are looking for sugar daddies in NY and it is no surprise.  There are many reasons that women would want to find a sugar daddy, especially in New York.  Let’s explore why the phenomena has become so popular.

Rent in New York is atrocious.  Trying to find a place to live that is of decent size is extremely hard on many people’s wages.  Sometimes people in their twenties and thirties have to have roommates in order to even live in the city.  Having a sugar daddy can provide you with the resources that you need in order to get an apartment that is more than a shoe box in New York City.  Sometimes sugar daddies will buy whole houses or condos for their sugar babies but this does not always happen and you can’t expect every sugar daddy to do this.

New York also has an extremely large population.  There is bound to be more occurrences of anything that happen in the Big Apple.  Nightclubs, restaurants, and other key locations for sugar daddy relationships are plentiful.  That combined with the costs would lead anyone to look for a sugar daddy just to be able to participate in the New York lifestyle.

College tuition is high and many young women across New York turn to sugar daddies to either pay for their college expenses or the other aspects of their lives so that they don’t have to work jobs while they go to school.  Not having to work and only have to go on dates allows them to still enjoy the college life and have all the fun that they can handle.  Research has found that since 2006 the number of female sugar daddies in New York who are college students has increased from one in four to one in two.

New York is also a very open minded city.  With so many people stuffed into one city it is hard to be closed minded about things so trivial as who you are dating and why you are dating.  In other cities sugar babies might face more isolation from society just because of their choice to date older men who want to help them out.

The Big Apple is also well known as a prominent place for people with money to live.  It is unsurprising that the residents of New York City have the ability, or even want, to pay to date younger, attractive women.

There are many exclusive atmospheres in New York that your regular Jane couldn’t get into without knowing the right people.  Having a sugar daddy often gets you into events that you wouldn’t normally be able to get into.  It allows you to become part of high society at least for the duration of your relationship.  Many women love the ability to go to the finest banquets, parties, and meet the most famous people around the world who travel to NYC.

On the same note fashion is very popular in New York City and many woman can’t afford the fashion trends that are abound.  Having a sugar daddy helps many women get the most recent styles like handbags, clothes, and shoes that would normally leave them broke.  Not only do sugar daddies help get these items but the high society events that they go to allow the sugar babies to show off their new wares.

There are many reasons that people want to find a sugar daddy in the USA.  Whether it be for financial reasons, love, or fun, there are always people looking in New York.  You don’t even have to live in New York to enjoy the ease of finding a sugar daddy there. Many sugar babies love traveling and would be happy to visit you no matter where in the world you are.   New York City has become such a popular location for sugar babies and sugar daddies that there are now seminars for both parties to help them find better relationships and to make the most out of their relationships.


How To Deal with The Relationship When You Are Dating a Sugar Daddy?

Sugar daddy relationships are as old as the concept of money, or even trading.  With such an old concept there are bound to be expectations and requirements.  Being a sugar baby can be easy as long as you learn how to handle a sugar baby relationship.  Here are some great sugar daddy dating tips to help you better understand the type of relationship that you are interested in getting into.

Learning that your sugar daddy may not be your dream image of a guy is important.  Many sugar daddy relationships are temporary but they are all for financial benefits for the woman, and sometimes for the sexual benefits.  Sometimes to find the right relationship where you can get the financial benefits you want will mean that you have to date someone who doesn’t look like Brad Pitt.  Not every guy you find is going to be the graceful male stallion.

It is important that you realize that what other people think of your relationship does not matter.  There will be plenty of people out there that won’t think anything of your relationship but there will also be people who want to judge you and criticize you.  As long as you are happy in the sugar daddy and sugar baby relationship there shouldn’t be any need for their words to mean anything.

Maintaining a positive attitude while dating a sugar daddy is also important.  It will make the relationship better for both of you.  Alcohol, weed, and other substances might help you cope with the relationship but you can’t forget to do the little sweet things from a relationship.  Talk sexy to him, give him compliments, and make his manliness come out.  The happier you make him the happier you will be, happiness is contagious.

Sugar daddies pay for a relationship and they expect certain things from that.  You may be able to get out of seeing him once or twice but typically whenever a sugar daddy asks to see is sugar baby he expects to see you then, not tomorrow.  The money and gifts that he has given you are to ensure that you will be fine with this.  Failure to remember that the relationship is largely about his need could result in a great deal between the two of you ending.

Along the same line sugar daddies are paying you, even if it isn’t directly in money.  If they have a request it is important that you give it a serious consideration.  Chances are that their requests will be deal breakers if they aren’t completed.  Be ready for requests that aren’t what you would consider normal, many sugar daddies like the kink side of life.

It is also important to remember that you are in a relationship for fun and finances.  You aren’t in a relationship for emotions.  Chances are you won’t be together forever and because of that there is even less reason for you to get upset by anything anyone else would say.  You are in more of an agreement than a relationship.

It is common knowledge that sometimes girls want to get carried away with relationships and tend to want a ring.  It is important to keep it in your mind that these relationships are not meant to be anything more, just like with emotions think logistically about your deal.  While having a three floor apartment with an ocean view might be nice, can you afford to keep it after the relationship is over?  Chances are no.

There are many unspoken rules in the world of sugar daddy dating so the most important thing that you can do before getting into a relationship is talk to your future sugar daddy and find an agreement on what your relationship should include and what it shouldn’t include.  This will give you an idea of your responsibilities and help you to better prepare yourself for your new lifestyle.  Take these sugar daddy dating tips and make the most out of life. Learn more…