Free dating with sugar daddy: Reversing the role

Before we get into the details, let us look into the whole concept of a sugar daddy. It is a rather popular term. The word sugar daddy refers to a man who is known to be providing support to a younger woman. Now, this support could be in terms of financial or material support. More importantly, he is expected to be getting sexual favors in return. This means that both the parties are gaining from the relationship; one with financial help and the other with sexual pleasures. It is more like the younger party’s wishes are being granted on some service to the other companion.

There is a cliché stating that a sugar daddy is expected to be extremely rich. But this is far from the truth. A sugar daddy has to be able to provide for whatever little the woman wants from him; this maybe providing food for sometime or even a meager place to stay. It does not matter how rich he is, the more pertinent question here is how poor is she! The whole relationship is based on the combination of the lack of something in the woman and the abundance of resources for the man.

Sugar daddies in Canada

Sugar daddy dating has become quite popular in Canada. More and more women are resorting to this to fulfill their needs. Covering the college tuition fee with the help of a sugar daddy is also a growing trend now. This is a direct result of the increasing cost of living in the country. It becomes difficult for young women to sustain themselves in these tough times. Thus, a sugar daddy seems to be a great idea.

It is the need of a girl to be somebody’s princess and the desire of an older, more capable man, of being able to provide for her necessities. This is really true when we consider Canada now. Every girl has a dream of going into the future and this particular dating process makes that dream come true. The trend has been growing in the last few years. is one of the most popular websites that brings sugar daddies closer to their princesses. This is basically based in Las Vegas but has managed to expand significantly in Canada. Strangely enough, the membership from the citizens of Canada has seen a splurge of about 33 %. This happened in the span of only one year. This is quite high!

“A girl wants to be a princess, wants to be taken care of, and a guy wants to have a beautiful girl on his arm who is strong and ambitious,” as reported by a website spokeswoman Brook Urick.

Age no bar!

You will find sugar daddies and their babies in different age groups in Canada. In Canada, this number shows a particular trend. The average age of a sugar daddy in this part of the world is 41 years. For the case of the sugar babies, early to late twenties is an appropriate time but this number revolves around an average value of 28 years. This is pretty much the standard level in these countries.


Income from sugar daddy relationships

You will be really surprised to see how much these relationships can cost the sugar daddy and benefit the sugar baby! Canada paints a rather surprising picture in this regard. The total income, on an average, in Canada stays at $619356. But the value that will really bring you to the edge of the chair is the average income of a sugar baby. The average allowance per month for a woman here is $2615. This entire figure is courtesy to sugar daddy dating!

Interesting facts about sugar daddy relationships!

Sugar daddy marital status: Studies have shown that a huge part of the sugar daddy population is married! In the North American states, 29 % of the men were found to be married in 2014 and the number was slightly higher to 33 % the previous year. The average age for both the years was still around the 39-44 years mark.

Sugar daddy occupation: Since there are so many sugar daddies in Canada and North America, we could actually collect enough data to have a significant idea about the professions of the men. The list goes something like this:

Entrepreneurs: 28 %
Professionals: 22 %
Executives: 19 %
Finance: 13 %
Legal: 4 %
Health care: 3 %
Media: 3 %
Retired: 3 %
Research/education: 2 %
Real estate: 1 %

The rest of the people belong to a more diverse group of occupations.

So we see that sugar daddies are not only the richest entrepreneurs, but are scattered over all professional fields, be it media, finance, legal and the likes.

Net worth: The net worth of sugar daddy relationships in North America has been stated at $7.7 mil in 2014! That is quite a high number.

Sugar daddy dating in Canada has proved to be a useful relationship for both the men and the women. Free dating with sugar daddy helps women resolve some of their financial burden by taking help from these men.

More and more websites are coming out now that promise to help you reach your ideal sugar daddy or sugar baby. These are especially widespread in Canada. All you have to do here is log in to one of these websites and register yourself. Once your profile is created, things get a lot simpler for you. This is the platform where you can find the hottest women as per your needs and the richest men who are willing to pamper! People can connect here and establish long lasting relationships that are beneficial for both the parties. These websites are also safe and maintains your confidentiality.

This mutually beneficial relationship is gradually becoming a world trend with more and more people signing up for it. This is especially true for college going women and young working professionals who find it difficult to manage their finances on a daily basis.